Friday, August 19, 2005

Low Blood Pressure

My dialysis treatment didn't go quite as nicely as I had hoped. It started out well with me getting a nice stick and a good flow rate. But, after about three hours, my blood pressure dropped really low. They had to stop the treatment and give me some fluid. They only took off about 2700 cc of fluid, instead of the 3000 that they had originally intended. I ended up weighing 66.7 kg, which is about 0.3 kg under my original preferred dry weight.

I saw the cardiologist today. She said that my problem with my blood pressure and heart rate was all due to me being dehydrated. She is going to call the dialysis clinic and instruct them to not take off quite as much fluid any more. She is going to recommend a dry rate of 68 or 69 kilograms to try and keep my better hydrated. She also said I should stop taking the beta blocker as that was not what I needed for my problems. I am hoping that this will help. I see her again in about two weeks. Hopefully Saturday's treatment will be better.
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