Monday, August 08, 2005

Saturday's Treatment

I had my third outpatient dialysis treatment last Saturday. Everything went well through the treatment until after they had unhooked me and were ready to send me home. When they took my final blood pressure, my heart rate was 150 beats/min when I stood up. This is extremely high, as I should have a rate somewhere around 70 or 80 bpm. They had me sit down and drink some water, hoping to get my heart rate back under control. What was strange was that my heart rate was only about 95 when I was sitting down. They kept me there for about 45 minutes checking my heart rate over and over. They even ran an EKG on my heart to make sure that I was okay. The EKG turned out just fine. They told me that I need to go and see my cardiologist to talk about my heart rate. I have an appointment scheduled for August 18 with her.

Aside from my heart rate, my treatment was fine. I think my dry weight is between 68 and 69 kilograms (which is about 149 - 152 pounds). Before I had my surgery, I weighed about 165 pounds. I don't really know how I am supposed to gain any weight with them taking off all the excess fluid I gain every couple of days.

Please continue to pray for my health and that I will keep feeling better. Also, pray that my fistula continues to develop and that they will not have any problems with it. Also, I am still waiting on my insurance card so I can fill out my transplant paperwork.
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