Friday, August 05, 2005

Second Treatment

Well, I had my second outpatient dialysis treatment last night, and it was great. They took off 1900 ml of fluid, and I did not have any blood pressure problems. My arm is still a little sore in the two places where they stuck the needles, but it only really hurts if I accidentally touch it. They said that since I did better today, they will take off more fluid on Saturday (if I need it).

I talked to my boss at work again yesterday to let him know how I am doing. He said that we can work out a way for me to get back to work once I am released by the doctor. I had been working 12-hour shifts three days a week before my surgery. Unfortunately, dialysis is going to prevent me from being able to do a 12-hour shift. So, my boss said he would be able to start me at working from 7:00am - 4:00 pm five days a week. This is really good news. It means that I will have basically the same schedule as Jenny does and that we will be able to at least see each other on the nights that I don't have dialysis. My previous schedule was 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, which didn't leave much time at home except for eating and sleeping, sadly. My boss also said that once I am feeling better, he would put me back on the every-other-week Sunday rotation. That means that I will work 8 hours every other Sunday, and not work the following Monday. That is okay with me.

So, I should see the nephrologist on Tuesday, and I can ask him when he thinks I might be able to go back to work. If I continue to feel better, I want to get back as quickly as possible. It will help me feel like a more productive person.

The only bad news I have is that my insurance card has not shown up yet. This means that I can't fill out the paperwork to be considered for a transplant. Please pray that this card will show up so I can get that paperwork started. Also pray that my fistula will continue to do well and that I will continue to feel better. Thanks!
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