Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Easy Tuesday Treatment - 09/07/2005

I had an easy treatment last night at dialysis. The technician did not have any problems getting the needles in, and one of them did not hurt at all when she did it! I can definitely go for more needle insertions like that one. For those of you that are interested, I was 69.8 kg before treatment last night and 68.3 kg after the treatment. They are attempting to keep me at 68.0 kg, but I had a soda during treatment (and that is about 300 ml of fluid, which weighs about 0.3 kg).

They drew lab work before and after the treatment. I should get the results by next Tuesday (though I’m not actually sure how long it takes, since this is only my second time to have blood work taken). I have been following the diet pretty closely and trying to take my phosphorus blockers with my meals. Hopefully, everything will be in good shape when I get my report.

I received a letter from the Baylor University Medical Center Transplant Program stating that they had received my initial application and need me to complete several steps to move from the application stage to being placed on the transplant waiting list. They need things like my driver’s license and insurance card, which are easy enough to get. I also have to fill out a Health History form, which is nine long pages of fun. And, they are awaiting financial approval from the Transplant Center. Once all that is completed, I will have to take a medical evaluation. Then, everything will be compiled and presented to the Transplant Committee which is composed of Transplant Nephrologists, Transplant Surgeons, and other physician referral sources. The committee will then make a recommendation based on my results. If the committee recommends that I should be placed on the waiting list, then my records will be submitted to the transplant center and my name will be placed in the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) active cadaveric waiting pool. The transplant center will also have to re-submit my medical records to the insurance company for approval of a transplant. At this point, if I have any potential kidney donors, the donor’s medical evaluation can begin after the committee approval for the potential recipient.

I realize that paragraph is long, but it summarizes a two-page letter that I received from the Dallas Pre-Transplant Group. Here are my prayer requests:
  • Pray that all of the paperwork portion of my application process will go easily and get to the proper committees quickly.
  • Pray that my medical testing can be scheduled around work so that I don’t have to miss any more this year.
  • Pray that the committee will be able to make a quick decision.


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