Friday, September 02, 2005

It Takes Three

I had a slightly troubled dialysis treatment last night. My regular technician was not there, so I had someone new. Either my arm is still not quite used to 16-guage needles, or the technician was not familiar with my arm, but I did not get a good stick. The tech was able to put in the return needle (arterial side), but she infiltrated the output side of the vein. It swelled up last night, and they ended up having to use a different spot on my arm. This was a new area, and they had to use the smallest needle on it. The treatment worked fairly well, but they had some problems with the pressure (I think due to having infiltrated the vein). This morning, I have a nice bruise and some swelling where they had the bad stick. It should go down in a few days.

Other than having a new bruise, things are going well. My first week back to work has gone nicely. My job is in a 24x7 internet data center. Since they have to have someone here at all times, they have the week divided in half. One set of people works the first half of the week, and the second set of people works the second half. Before my surgery, I was on one of these teams. Now, with my dialysis, I am no longer able to work 12-hour shifts. So, they are letting me work from Monday – Friday from 7 am – 4 pm (which is good since dialysis starts at 4:30 pm). I had thought that this week was going to make me very tired, but it really hasn’t. I’ve enjoyed getting back to work (which is better than sitting around at home all day).

Please continue to pray that dialysis will go well as they are using these larger needles. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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