Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday was a long Day

I had another good dialysis treatment on Thursday night. My needles went in well and they didn't hurt too much. They took off 1900 cc of extra fluid. My between-dialysis weight gains are staying pretty steady.

Friday ended up being a long day. I woke up a little sick this morning and I was nauseated at work early in the morning. After that, I felt a lot better. I felt light headed off and on all day at work (which is a little disorienting). I don't know if I have gained some more weight, or if there is another problem. I will ask the nurse on Saturday what they think.

I did not get any lab results on Thursday. My guess is that they will give them to me on Saturday. The dietitian was the one that had my lab tests last month, and she tends to come to the clinic on Saturdays. I will post my results here on the blog after I get them.

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