Thursday, September 01, 2005

New, Larger Needles

For my dialysis on Tuesday, the technician decided to move me up to using 16-gauge needles. Previously, I had been using 17-guage needles, which are the smallest needles that are used for dialysis. Since my fistula has been developing and working properly on the 17G needles, it is time for me to get moved up. Most of the dialysis patients at this clinic are using 15-guage needles. It seems that it was unusual for me to get started with 17-guage needles, as most of the patients were using the larger sizes.

Work continues to go well. I am writing this at work today on my fourth day this week. I am still basically doing “light duty” right now, but I am working a 40-hour week. Luckily, there isn’t too much heavy work that needs to be done with my job, and if there is, I can get someone to help me.

We’ve been quite busy at work this week helping out one of our customers. They are based in Covington, LA, and are using our data center as a disaster recovery site. They normally have a cage full of equipment here in Dallas, but during this disaster, they have added two new cabinets worth of equipment. They are doing a lot of work to keep their company up and running during this disaster.

I have another dialysis scheduled for tonight. I think they are going to start increasing my blood-flow rate tonight.

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