Monday, September 12, 2005

Transplant Forms Part II Completed

Well, I just mailed in the second set of paperwork for my transplant. I have submitted my health history, my insurance information, and am hopefully being approved financially (by the insurers). The paperwork was long and full of the expected questions, and I’m glad to have it finished and in the mail. Though, I don’t know how quickly the local mail has been sending lately. It took over a week for Netflix to receive the last set of DVDs that I returned.

I did not get a full copy of my labs on Saturday. The dietitian came by, and she had a report on my phosphorus levels. Your phosphorus should be between 3.5 and 5.5, and I had a level of 4.6. Last month, I was about 6.2. This means that my diet it going just right in the area of phosphorus, so I don’t have to cut back any more than I already have. I asked about getting a copy of my labs, and they said that I should be able to get them on Tuesday. The dietitian had my labs on a page with everyone else’s results, and she told me that all of my numbers were looking good. If I get the full list on Tuesday, I’ll let you know how the rest of my blood looks.

I did not get any input as to what to do about my nauseated feelings last week. I woke up Sunday and Monday mornings with a bit of a stomach ache, and I am not enjoying it at all. Perhaps I have gained some more weight and am dehydrated again, or perhaps my body misses its phosphorus (who knows?). All they offered at the clinic on Saturday was to give me some medicine if I was still feeling bad during my treatment.

Here are some Prayer Requests that I have:

  • Pray that I will stop feeling nauseated every morning or that I can figure out what the problem is being caused by
  • Pray that my paperwork for the transplant will process quickly and without any problems

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