Monday, January 15, 2007

7 am Monday Morning

Welcome to Monday morning, faithful blog readers. I can see (by looking at my counter statistics) that my daily readership has gone up quite a bit since Thursday night. I guess a few more people have become interested since I received my transplant!

So, there is not too much to tell this early in the day. I was having a little pain in my calf yesterday, so they did a scan to make sure there was not a blood clot. The nurse told me that it was all clear and that there were no clots in my leg. This is good. I have been walking around a lot, so I did not expect there to be any problems.

My blood pressure was 139/66 this morning. I am not sure if they are giving me any medication for that yet or not. It has been fluctuating up and down a little bit around that point since the transplant. They weighed me this morning, and I was 80.3 kg, which is the heaviest I have ever been. This is a result of the anti-rejection medications, especially the steroids, but that should get better as that dosage gets reduced.

I have a central line in my neck that was placed for emergency blood transfusions during surgery but was never used. They had it hooked up until yesterday to put in my IV fluids. They removed the IV Saturday, but left the line in to draw blood. This morning, however, the central line did not work so they had to do a stick in my arm. I am hoping that they will remove this central line from my neck, as it is not the most comfortable thing you can have installed.

I am feeling pretty good today. I am hoping that since it is Monday, we will see the post-transplant nephrologist and he can start talking to us about what to do once we go home (which should be on Tuesday). As of this point, I don't know if we will go home or if we will try to stay at a hotel in the area. We have to come to this hospital here in Fort Worth for the next two weeks (on Mon, Wed, and Fri) and I don't know if we want to drive the whole hour down here that many times. We will have to see. The insurance was supposed to have an allowance set up to allow us to stay in a hotel, but I don't remember exactly how to access it. We will have to talk to the social worker today or tomorrow and find out if she learned anything about it.

Well, hopefully, breakfast will be here soon and I will get to eat. I enjoyed having yogurt for the first time in over a year yesterday. I hope I ordered some more for today. It was really very good, and I know I have been missing my dairy products. I had cheese on my sandwich for lunch yesterday, and I had some pudding for supper. Mmm.

Well, not more posting for this morning. I will try to update again if anything else happens. If you want to call this hospital room, the number is 817-922-2817, and I should be here until probably Tuesday.

Thanks for coming by to read!
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