Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday, January 17

Well, today was an exciting day in the DFW metroplex area. We had some ice/snow/rain stuff fall from the sky and freeze on the grass. While it was not that bad in our area, the news showed terrible roads in the Fort Worth area, making it a dangerous drive to the hospital.

So, we decided to call in to the clinic and make sure it was okay to miss this one time. They said that it was not okay, but that they would go ahead and schedule me again for my Friday appointment as normal. I did not get a call to change any of my medications (though they cannot really make any changes without the blood work). That will be good on Friday to get some blood drawn so that we can see if my drugs are all at the correct levels to keep me safe and healthy.

We are still deciding on staying in Fort Worth next week. It should help with traveling and with the unsafe weather that we have been having over the last week or two. I plan to talk to the insurance people tomorrow to work out the hotel reimbursement issues that we were having. We want to be both safe and healthy.

Thanks for coming by to read. Sorry there wasn't an update earlier. I'm doing well today (just for your information).
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