Sunday, January 21, 2007

Clinic Week II

We have clinic appointments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Fort Worth this week. We have decided to come to Fort Worth and stay in a hotel this week. We checked in this afternoon, and our room has a microwave and refrigerator, so we can keep water cold and make some popcorn.

I am looking forward to my second lab appointment, so that I can start collecting lab reports to compare and see how I am faring. The numbers were all just on a chart in the hospital, so I did not really get to take those home.

I updated the forms that the hospital gave me. I had a 2-page form of medication reminders. I had a single page for health record information. I got on the computer, and created a one-page document that has my medication list/reminders and has the blood pressure/weight/temperature/etc for the health record. That way, the doctors and I can look in one place and see all the information. I am not a big fan of flipping through several pages just to find some information.

So, nothing new today. I am still feeling well (though a little short on sleep). I think I am going to take some sleeping pills this week and see if that helps. I also plan to ask the doctor about that tomorrow. But, I am feeling healthy, and there have not been any problems. I have not needed any pain medication in several days, and about the only pain left is just around the incision. There is still some swelling (fluid retention) around my waist and in my face and legs. But, all that should go away in time.

Tomorrow, I hope to have much more information. Enjoy!
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