Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Got to Go to Church Today

Well, it is Sunday today, and I was able to attend church this morning. The doctor told us on Saturday that it would be safe enough for me to go back to church this week. I was pretty excited to get to go back to church after having two weeks off.

We saw several people that have been praying for me during this whole ordeal. It was good to let people know that I am really feeling much better and to show them my recovery. I feel like God has been healing me very quickly, compared to things that I have read about other transplant patients. I guess the averages are just that, and not specific to any one person.

Everyone has been very encouraging to us during this time. Our Adult Bible Fellowship class has offered to bring by meals next week, which will be really nice. It's good to not have to worry about cooking while we are still doing some traveling back and forth to Fort Worth. We have two appointments next week, one on Monday and one on Friday. We have to be at the hospital at 9:00 am, and we should see the doctor around 10:00, like we did last week. The doctor told us that he was planning to take out the staples on Friday and then he would transfer me to the Dallas Transplant Institute (which will be much closer).

I'll update again tomorrow after we get home from Fort Worth. Hopefully there will be more good news (which is all we have been hearing so far, so it is all I expect to hear). Thanks for coming by today. The post was short and sweet, enjoy!
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